Tuesday, November 15, 2011


There is a magnificent vibrational energy in the Universe.  This energy is so powerful that Divine laws immediately are attracted to it. I am sure you’ve never imagined. Gratitude to be such a powerful energy, but it is.

 When you start living your life with a complete Attitude of Gratitude, you start to attract effortlessly all the good that is around you. The beauty of Gratitude is that this energy loves everyone, every moment and every situation. Gratitude has the power to dissolve problems by having your thoughts and actions concentrate on all that is good.  Gratitude appreciates all that is. Gratitude has no reason to question for it knows and welcomes all.

Isn’t it wonderful that the Sun has never told the Earth “Hey, by the way, you owe me for all the light and heat I give you.”  On the contrary, the Sun graciously gives and the Earth is appreciative of the gift. And because the earth is so appreciative of the gift, the Sun keeps giving.

Albert Einstein, one of the most incredible scientists of the 20th century, confirmed that everything in the universe is energy and like energy attracts like energy. Gratitude is a vibrational energy, therefore appreciation and gratitude attracts more things to be appreciative and grateful for. 

This validates why living with an attitude of Gratitude is so important. We know that Gratitude is a powerful, universal, divine, vibrational energy and we also know that energy attracts like energy. Gratitude will manifest in our lives when:
  • We give with no concern for personal reward but for the invigorating power of giving. 
  • We give with out fear of losing something that might not be replaced.
  • When our thoughts, feelings and actions are consumed with gratitude following all the principles and laws of the universe, our life experience will be one to be grateful for.
Remember that the Universe is working and giving just like the story of the Sun.  All is there for you to have. All good is there for you.  By creating an attitude of gratitude you are, just like a magnet, attracting all the positive situations, and experiences in your life.

Meister Eckhart said it well when he said: “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, thank you, that would suffice. “ 
 I find this phrase to be so powerful. When your prayer is a prayer of appreciation and gratitude, not only do you know that what you’ve prayed for has been given to you, but also that you are living in complete faith.
This quote from Phil Humbert truly does encompass all that gratitude exemplifies:
“Gratitude is a form of wisdom. It is patient, loving, hopeful, and rigorously honest. It denies nothing, and it overlooks nothing. It looks reality full in the face and says, this is true, this is me, this is my situation, and I have the opportunity to build from here. This is my starting point, and I will succeed!” 
Here is how you can start having an attitude of gratitude:
Open your heart to give.
Let others know how much you appreciate them.
Practice random acts of kindness.
Constantly think of all that you are grateful for.
Start a gratitude journal.
Wake up giving thanks
Live every moment with an  attitude of gratitude!

Miriam “Maru” Arvesu